We succeded! On July 15th, 2020, we brought our fund raising efforts to a close with the presentation of a large check to the Village of Long Grove. The restoration is only a couple of weeks away from being complete and we look forward to again being able to rumble across our historic bridge and into our historic downtown. For more complete information and links to media coverage, see this page on our website: http://longgrovehistory.org/bridge-restoration-nears-completion/

For reference, we'll leave the old version of this page up below, but be advised the links may not remain functional:

Early in 2017, the State of Illinois declared Long Grove's Buffalo Creek Bridge, commonly known as the Long Grove Covered Bridge, to be historically significant and eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. The 1906 structure is one of only three of its type remaining in the Chicago area, and one of only a couple of dozen left in the state.

Long Grove's most historic and beloved treasure is at risk of demolition. A new, much taller, much wider two lane bridge is being considered. While this is a much more expensive bridge, it would cost the Long Grove Village Board less than restoration, since the Federal Goverment would pay for part of a new, higher traffic bridge. Not only is our historic icon at risk, but the impact of higher speed, non-stop car and heavy truck traffic through the downtown threatens the quaint historic atmosphere that makes Long Grove so special.

To help offset the additional funds needed to keep the historic bridge, and to materially demonstrate to the Village Board the desire of the community to SAVE THE BRIDGE, the Long Grove Historical Society has established a Covered Bridge Fund. As of August 15th, 2017, we've collected $46,000 in pledges and donations towards our overall goal of $100,000. We hope to raise ten percent of our goal via GoFundMe, which we launched in late August, 2017.

How Can I Help?

  1. Donate Your Time - Share this page on facebook. Read up on the issues. Attend a committee meeting. Take a selfie with the bridge and post it online #SaveTheBridge. Attend a Village Board meeting. Email the Village Board. Work a booth. Get on our mailing list. Sell Raffle Tickets. Spread the Word. Sign the Change.org petition. Write a limerick. Stamp postcards for mailings. There are plenty of ways of helping out - something for all skills, tastes, shapes, sizes and availability. Drop us an email at BridgeFund@LongGroveHistory.org to get involved.
  2. Donate Your Money - Make a credit card donation right now via our GoFundMe Page Buy a raffle ticket - see our raffle page for locations where they are available. For larger monetary donations, we prefer checks, as 100% of the money will go into The Bridge Fund (we lose a few percent on online donations to the internet gods). If you've got money to give - we can figure out the best way to make it happen - just let us know at BridgeFund@LongGroveHistory.org.

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